Why do I do this work?

When I see people's life being transformed by the increased awareness of their innate value and the nurturing of self-love, I feel rewarded in a deep way. I am honored and humbled that people allow me to be a part of their journeys.


It is my great pleasure to help you have a renewed experience of yourself and discover and put into action the strengths you already possess. I view my work as a creative joint effort, and we will work together to help you nurture yourself, relationships, your vision and build a life you can love and be proud of. I rely on relationship with oneself as the core of transformation, and I believe you can live a meaningful and successful life.

Fee: $125 per session of 60 to 75 minutes

I have been working in the field of healing and transformation for 40 years, beginning with studies in Psychoanalysis, in Milan, Italy. I have a B.A. in Humanities with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a Masters of Arts in Depth Psychology. I am trained and certified in Hypnotherapy, Psychosynthesis, Yoga Therapy, Shamanic Journeys and many energy healing modalities. I am also a Yoga Therapist using iRest Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga. In addition to my studies my greatest learning has come to me through my inner work, relationships and the school of life. 

I have a strong interest in exploring the connection between illness and the psyche and I use an integrative approach to support the release of the psychological and spiritual influences on the health and well being of the person.

"Highly recommend!!! Gilda is very talented in so many areas. She has a wonderful holistic approach and really listens. I highly recommend her and always make a point to see her when I am in the area." Elizabeth R.

"I was moved by your compassion and interest--thank you for preparing my chart and teaching me so many new things!" Suzy

"I have known Gilda for many years now and have always been impressed by her quiet and gentle leadership, her deep wisdom, her positive attitude and responsiveness about my needs. I can strongly recommend her." Kathrin D.

​"I was going through a tough time after a miscarriage and family illnesses and needed some help. After my reiki sessions with Gilda I felt so much better and could finally sleep better. Gilda was so thoughtful and understanding and I felt well taken care of during my time with her." Wendy B.

"Be it a reading or just conversation, Gilda adds a nurturing touch to all of her services. She is intuitive in both the physical and spiritual needs of the body and is truly a great healer. I would highly recommend her services." Mary S.

"Highly recommend the reiki facial with Gilda. It was wonderful and so relaxing. My face looked re-newed and fresh. She has the perfect touch!" Lydia

"I was needing assistance on grounding and focus more than anything but I found Gilda for quitting smoking. I was comfortable with Gilda immediately. Her focus on helping you is clear and her way is very soothing and clarifying and rewarding. She also recorded a mediation for me as well to keep me motivated. I have not had a cigarette since. I know Gilda has other gifts as well and because she has such a sincerity and strong ethic behind her work, I wouldn't hesitate utilizing her in these other areas as well!" Helen B.

"I found Gilda Madrigal very professional and creative in her work. She uses a metamorphic technique and her hands are intuitive. You automatically feel comfortable and safe with her. I was a wonderful experience and it is much more than a facial because she was amazing and I felt wonderful and at peace." L.A.

"Genuinely caring and very gifted" Coral C.

"My experience with Gilda as a counselor has been very positive. I found her to be open minded and compassionated. She is wise and a very good listener and also asks good questions which helps me think and change my perspective. She helps me discover solutions within myself as we engage in our explorations. I found it easy to trust her and open up difficult areas within myself. Her presence is nurturing and intuitive. I highly recommend her" Tor Dahle

"Gilda is a true gift to society. She is very patient, compassionate, and insightful! I highly recommend!" Afsoun G.

"Gilda is a true healer! In the most sensitive, intuitive way she brings light and energy to your inner spirit and your skin. The glow shows immediately on your face. I always feel rejuvenated and gorgeous when I leave." Rebecca B.

"Gilda is one of those people who instantly makes you feel at home in her presence. She's soft, loving and her healing touch is remarkable.  Gilda has done the Metamorphic technique for me and my daughter and I have seen and felt very powerful shifts after these treatments in both of us-  it has the ability to go deeply into your subconscious and unblock areas that are limiting you --and who doesn't need that?!" Amie, Licensed Acupuncturist, California

"I wholeheartedly recommend Gilda. After each session, whether it's Reiki or the myofascial massage, I leave feeling refreshed, energized, and with a positive outlook on life. I find Gilda's calm and caring presence to be highly therapeutic. Most recently, I experienced the amazing benefits of the myofascial release that she offers. Her professional expertise and genuine spirit shines through. The emotional and psychological healing that takes place in her presence is absolutely amazing! I trust her work. If you or someone you know is looking for a body worker and spiritual healer, I highly recommend Gilda." Jennifer K., Psychologist, California

"I had an amazing experience with Gilda.  Her energy is caring, generous, and attentive, so you leave feeling like your whole person has been cared for.  I think it is rare to find an esthetician who goes as deep as Gilda does.  The experience was incredibly healing and I can't recommend her enough."  Anna, Yoga Teacher, California

"What can a person say, about the glorious healing that occurs, when a true Goddess is present to deliver applications of love, tenderness, and compassion.  Gilda defines that healing presence!!  Through her multiple and unique techniques of applying the aromatic oils and creams with her loving touch, to the delicate use of specific tools, she skillfully strives to assist each of us into a state of relaxed and transcendental bliss. Her caring and supportive nature encouraged me to move into a soothing, dreamlike, mindless state that relaxed my body and allowed me to release the trauma and tension that I was experiencing as a result of a cancer.  My face had been decimated by the melanoma and it's excision, the scarring was significant, but through numerous sessions with this lovely woman, I was able to heal,  body, mind, and spirit.  She is truly an embodiment of the Divine Feminine." Jeffrey Inselmen, San Antonio, TX

"Gilda's intuitive wisdom and insight facilitated the healing of some of the deepest patterns of my energy body, creating a profound new level of freedom in my emotional and spiritual life." D'Arcy, Pianist, California

"Gilda is AMAZING!! She is an angel. She is not only highly skilled and passionate about her craft,  she also has such a warm and caring heart that its easy to melt into her care. She also knows energy healing of various sorts so the healing that occurs with her is not just skin deep ;) Her presence and care feels like being held in the arms of an angel and being loved up. My husband was astonished at the quick changes. He wants to touch my face and kiss my cheeks every time I get home from seeing Gilda!  She's a miracle worker!!" Nanilea, Chiropractic, San Rafael, California

"After the first Metamorphic Technique treatment I slept for 4 hours. When I woke up I knew what I had to do to improve my career." Elle, Italy

"Gilda, two sessions of the Metamorphic and I am flying. My life has totally opened up for me. Thank you!" Maria, California

"I felt completely loved." Maurizio,  Italy

"Gilda, after so many years of traditional therapy, one session with you changed everything. Thank you!" Ali Paz, artist, New Mexico

"I worked on myself a lot in this life, but my work with you is taking my process to a completely new level. Thank you!"  Danielle, California

"Gilda has an amazing sense and ability to intuit with Vedic astrology.  She selected a date for our wedding in December and it turned out to be the one and only bright and sunny day that whole month!  Her advice also confirmed my path to find my dharma and meet my future husband.  To say the least, it has been an extraordinary journey." Stacey Joy, Musician

"Each time I have had a reading with Gilda I felt as if I were being given heartfelt guidance how to best understand, and harmoniously adapt to the cycles that would be emerging in my life. I appreciate that she does not give a dry technical reading, but reads from a place of wisdom and compassion. I would not hesitate to recommend her to give a reading to anyone who felt like they may need some more clarity and perspective to get the most out of their lives." Oliver, musician, New York

"I am writing to thank you after one year since our meeting .. I wanted to tell you that the things you said to me last year have just followed the path that you had anticipated ... the extraordinary thing was that, knowing how the year was going to be, I was ready to face situations requiring openness to change ... self-control ... meditation. Things are clearer and I am calm in a more authentic way ... I thank you from my heart for everything and I hope to meet again soon." Marika, actress, Italy

"I met with Gilda on Skype to have a Jyotish reading.  When I was referred to consult her without an exact time of birth I was rather skeptical.  However, when I met Gilda and what she said about my life was amazing, it was as if she had sat on my shoulder for many years and observed what happened in my life over the years from childhood to growing up as an adult. It was precise and accurate.  One of the first things she said was `are you moving from your house'   Well guess what I had put  my home up for sale only a month ago!!!  That said it all. The insight she gave me towards living my life in a fruitful manner was most heartfelt and encouraging.  This was the path I had commenced in the past months.  I recommend a Jyotish reading with Gilda.  I certainly will be meeting with her again."  Christine Ponnampalam- Australia

"As an American  Ayurvedic practitioner living in India, I have often called on Gilda to give a Jyotish reading for my consultations (based on health and character). Jyotish has been practiced along with Ayurveda for thousands of years and it enables one to take the pulse of a person, far beyond what I can tell from their bodily signs, looking over the horizon into both the past and the future and illuminating the present. Almost always, in some uncanny way, I have found this information has been very valuable to the consultation. Also, I have referred many clients to her for a full life reading and they have all reported back how wonderful her readings have been to them, enabling a consideration of their life, simply not available any other way." Peter Malakoff, India