Integrated Hypnotherapy and Healing 


Gilda has an undergraduate degree in Humanities (Dominican University) and a masters in Depth Psychology (Sonoma State University). She has been a Reiki Healer and a Hypnotherapist for over 25 years.
She has certifications in Therapeutic Imagery, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki,  iREST Meditation and has been a practicing Vipassana meditator for the last 18 years. In her sessions she integrates her knowledge and skills specifically to the needs of the person and situation.

 Her sensitivity and intuition are deep and her kindness is soulful.  Gilda is the author of "Writing as a Healing Art", which she uses to help people write the story of their life as a process of healing.

“Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.” 
― Novalis

Hypnosis accesses the symbolic and poetic dimension of our being. With hypnosis we open a treasure chest of goodness and beauty from within, where metaphors and images from the deep self bring healing and integration, thus correcting the scripts and the narratives that diminish us. 


Gilda provides Pre and Post Surgery Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Childbirth, Hypnosis Dream Therapy,

Hypnosis for improved Emotional and Physical Sexuality, Hypnosis for PTSD, Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Stop Smoking, Hypnosis for Career Success, Spiritual Hypnosis and much more.

Gilda has helped people in physical and emotional pain, before undergoing surgery, recovering from an illness, to sleep better, to improve relationships, to perform better on tests, to improve intimacy with their partner, for a better social life, to raise self-esteem, to let go of past stress and trauma, and to re-envision and create a bright and healthy future.


Gilda teaches classes in Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Group Hypnosis, Meditation and Writing as a Healing Art.


Gilda helps children fall asleep more peacefully, and teaches them mindfulness exercises to equip them with life skills for success in school, self-awareness and self-regulation.